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we all dreamed of becoming programmers when we were kids. To create games and new wonderful worlds... But coding turned out to be too routine. So, we found our calling in creativity in all its manifestations. Now we are Drigmatic. And we help brands win gamers' hearts and minds.
8 years without
Shine up on high, Shine down on earth,
Till life’s own source runs dry
Х-shaped person as a basis. Our ideology raises to the absolute and cultivates the versatility of the skills of employees. Each of us is "Jack-of-all-trades". And the list of our expertises grows exponentially from year to year.
This versatility allows us to successfully complete the most ambitious and extraordinary projects. In the final form as we originally imagined them.
We grew up in the Internet and the video game industry, and at the same time with them. So we are creative and integral part of this culture. We know the features of this community from the inside and actively implement them in our works.
Each of us has played hundreds of games, watched thousands of movies and laughed at millions of memes. It allows us to feel which trends will be on hypetrain tomorrow, and which ones will be overboard.
Be a true fanatic of your job. Drigmatic unites those who, in сommitment to excellence and higher goals, are able to merge with the collective unconscious, forgetting about personal needs.

We always ask ourselves -
would we read or watch it ourselves? Are we creating a value? Are we bringing something new to this world?
Do we evoke an emotions?
And only after repeated “Yes” we get to work.
UAE, Dubai
DMCC Business Centre
Jewellery & Gemplex 3 [ 1072 ]